What I Do


I help professionals maximize their potential by working with them
to establish clarity, to create strategy and to execute boldly.

My Philosopy

Judgment-free zones are where you are best able to receive. I create space for my clients to be comfortable with their process. My coaching is more than just delivering a service. I need my clients to feel heard and understood, so I create an experience that mirrors my core values – passion for assisting others, integrity, excellence, empathy and laughter.

My Methods

As every client is different, every coaching experience is different.  I tailor each experience to the client’s goals. During in person, phone and/or virtual sessions, I provide the support and accountability necessary to help direct progress, explore teachable moments (mistakes) and celebrate successes. Some methods include: SMART goals, the GROW method, journaling, meditation, homework assignments, to do lists and more.

My Goals

This is where I describe the goals I want to achieve with my work for my customers. To edit this I need to go to Dashboard->Projects->All Projects->Hover over What I Do and choose “Edit.” Then I need to scroll down and find the grey box called “My Goals” and click on the 3 lines at the top to open the Edit window.

1:1 Life & Career Coaching

When you think of a coach, think of sports. The coach is the trusted mentor who helps players identify and uncover what prevents them from reaching their full potential. As a Career and Life Coach, I create a supportive and non-judgmental space for you to manifest everything you desire for your life and career. Whether your goal is to navigate life’s transitions, break negative habits, to increase inner peace or to launch into new field, I can help you to establish clarity, create strategy and to execute boldly.

Small Business Consulting

Systems and Strategy. That’s what’s missing from many businesses. Success if short-lived, and oftentimes, people are unsure of what made them profitable or how to replicate it. My small business consulting focuses on developing, marketing and selling the products and services that people actually want to buy, so you make money…consistently. I have proven success streamlining services for nonprofits, increasing small businesses profitability, and diversifying products and services for solopreneurs. The goal is to help real businesses grow real businesses through proven best-practice systems and processes.

Public Speaking & Training

Connection. That’s what’s missing from many training sessions and conferences. Presenters are speaking AT their audience instead of drawing them in. I seek to connect with every audience. My style is relatable. It allows me to keep my audiences engaged and to deliver the quality content the desire. Whether I am training students with disabilities to be better self-advocates, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion to the c-suite, or sharing my personal stories of resilience with combat veterans, every speaking engagement is an opportunity for me to impact a life, and I do not take it lightly.

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